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Phim Hiếp Dâm Gái 18 - phim 18+ Hiếp Dâm Em Đang Ngủ online
Tên Phim: Ám Ảnh Cuỡng Tình - Dark Love: Rape (2008)
Đạo diễn: Katsuya Matsumura,
Diễn viên: Dankan,Hitomi Hayasaka,Kêsuke,
Thể loại: xem phim sex 18+
Quốc gia: Nhật Bản,
Thời lượng: 80 phút
Năm phát hành: 2008

Nội Dung Phim Ám Ảnh Cuỡng Tình
Katsuya Matsumura, the director of the nihilistic “All Night Long” series, sticks with what he knows in “Dark Love – Rape”. What this work shares with his infamous series is the cruelty humans visit on other humans. In this case, that cruelty is of a sexual nature. A young woman moves into an apartment that is rigged with hidden cameras. A voyeur, who has raped and abused other women, watches her every move, and begins a strange relationship with her. Although my synopsis is linear, this modest but impressive piece of film-making (a throwback to pink cinema from the 70′s and 80′s) is surreal and disturbing. There are instances of violence that are heavy and bloody; one, in particular, where the lead actress has her face repeatedly smashed into a floor, is ultra-realistic.
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